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EL Lamp
Electroluminescence lamp (EL lamp) is the fluorescent material sandwiched between two electrodes which electrons are impacted and transfer energy causes to luminance when it is applied A. C. voltage. Super Optics could provide all kinds of different EL types and also could according to customers' special designs. We could match whatever the EL shapes, the thickness of EL is 0.10~0.80mm.

Introduction of BF type:
This is the new development to make up the disadvantage of BP type. The terminal is thin, soft, and allows bent and soldered. Type BF is right for the products with limited space. It's suitable for computer keyboard backlight, the light is soft and doesn't harsh to the eyes. It's the best choice for using the computer at night.

Product Name:Electroluminescent Lamps、EL Light、EL Panel、EL Backlight、EL Sheet、EL Foil、LCD Backlight、Keyboard Lighting、Cell Phone Backlights、Automotive Panel Lighting

A: 30~500mm
B: 10~400mm
C: standard 4mm
D: standard 1mmE: 3~5mm
t: <0.35mm

1、The special size and shape is available upon request
2、C, D, t can be smaller upon request.

◆ The Property of EL
1. Uniform emission
2. Lightly weight, extreme thin thickness (0.10~0.80mm)
3. Yielding, easy to fabricate
4. Cool lighting, heating free
5. Enduring vibration and impact
6. Lower power consumption, current density 0.1~0.2mA/cm2
7. Well waterproof
8. Driving voltage: A. C. 40~200V(50~3000Hz)
9. Operating temperature: -35~+85℃
10. Lifetime: The lifetime is over 10000 hours
11. Driving circuit: Inverter (depending on the size of EL) or fixed voltage source
12. Emissive color: White, Blue-Green, Blue, Dark-Blue, Yellow-Green, Red, Yellow ... etc.
Can make one or milt-color

◆ Application of EL

1. The back-light of LCD
Mobile phone, Mp3, electronic dictionary, hand-held videogame, calculator, telephone, electric scale, acoustics …etc.
2. The back-light for products
Safety helmet, safety vest, safety belt, clock, watch …etc.
3. Indicator
Emergency indicator, guidepost, doorplate, traffic sign, road parting line, signboard, poster…etc.
4. Automatic industry
Dashboard, blinker, license plate…etc.
5. Decoration
Escalator emergent line, light switch indicator, wall lamp decoration…etc.
6. Souvenir toys
Picture frame, Christmas decoration, stationery…etc.
7. Advertisement
Inside or/and outside advertisement of the bus and MRT, menu board …etc
Other 1
RoHS environmental protection certificated
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