Company Background

Super Optics Development Co., Ltd.

  1989 Super Optics Development Co., Ltd. was established is an EL Lamp specialized manufacturer and specialize in design and production for different requirements. Super Optics has abundant design experience and production tem to provide customers stable quality and lower price excellent products many years.

  Super Optics most value quality and customers, keep researching and developing, innovating positively and seek much better way to focus on EL field many years. Expect all customers feel the excellent quality and specialty of Super Optics products that is why Super Optics win the most customers realizable and approval for a long time.

1989 Super Optics Development Co., Ltd. was established for EL researching and developing. EL production technology is from Industrial Technology Research Institute ITRI (Material Research Laboratories) to research and process mass production.
· Have science cooperation with National Science Council of National Cheung Kung University
· Succeed to have mass production to provide LCD module factories use backlight on LCD module
· Succeed to develop long lifetime and have mass production
· Have mass production for lower price and much thinner EL Lamp, EL is divided into package type and printing type
· 2 million pieces for yearly production
· Develop large size EL for advertisement
· Develop various colors EL Lamp
· Succeed to apply on PDA, Cell phone, Bar-code scanner and radio.
· Over 4 million pieces yearly production
· Develop thinner EL (thickness is 0.1mm) and apply for Keypad
· Succeed to develop add temperature sheet—Heater, to apply for LCD module for temperature changed strong environments.
· Develop handwriting pad to apply for advertisement and signs.
· Over 6 million pieces yearly production